Time out from daily life

Fam­ily, friends or simply dear people visit the Hedwig-Schenkel-Haus. And leave their sor­rows at the door.

Fam­ily and friends

Vater umarmt Sohn
Father greets son
Strandspaziergang von zwei Frauen im Vordergrund und zwei Männern im Hintergrund
Keep­ing in touch

We en­cour­age both re­l­at­ives and friends to visit the Hedwig-Schenkel-Haus fre­quently: keep shar­ing with the people that have mattered through­out your life.

Your mother, grandma or aunt doesn’t want to re­treat to a re­tire­ment home? Your uncle, grand­dad or dad fears the solitude of sheltered hous­ing? Please try to un­der­stand their long­ing for joy, so­ci­ab­il­ity and pur­pose. Their move to Italy need not mean a per­man­ent sep­ar­a­tion. Doesn’t every­one need strong fam­ily and friend con­nec­tions? Chil­dren and grown-ups are al­ways wel­come to come along for a week­end or a longer spell to join in our every­day life. This en­ables you to get a sense of what your loved ones hold dear at this later stage in life. It gives fam­ily and friends a chance to ex­plore the local area to­gether and boost those es­sen­tial bonds.

It’s straight­for­ward to get to the Hedwig-Schenkel-Haus with easy ac­cess to a mo­tor­way, train sta­tion and air­port. The per­son you miss is not on the other side of the world but within easy reach. And, of course, it is equally simple for res­id­ents to visit you back at home.

Would you like to unwind?

Glebe Blüte auf zwei gerollten Handtüchern

Enjoy our com­munity for a while to relax and re­charge your bat­ter­ies. We offer you the com­fort that you need – for ex­ample, spe­cial areas of tran­quil­lity, Wi-Fi and a pool to take a dip in. Join us for tasty ve­get­arian or vegan meals. You can look for­ward to a host of activ­it­ies such as bak­ing, Kneipp ther­apy and paint­ing. Our per­man­ent res­id­ents will in­vite you to their reg­u­lar ses­sions – in­clud­ing pho­to­graphy, dan­cing or yoga.

You will want to blos­som in our en­vir­on­ment and in our com­munity. For this to hap­pen, you will re­spect our values and take on small tasks. In this set­ting, con­nec­tions de­velop quickly. Short vis­its and longer-term stays all serve to build trust. By open­ing up, you gain clar­ity about your feel­ings. Dis­cover what you like. Get over a dif­fi­cult time in your life or simply enjoy socialising.

Find inner calm and fol­low your spir­itual call­ing. Or you might like to learn Italian, make music with fel­low mu­si­cians or im­merse your­self in local vil­lage life. Let us know what you would like to do dur­ing your stay. Could it be for a few days, weeks or maybe even months?

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