Abund­ant Earth Community

Hello all, I wanted to in­tro­duce my­self here and ex­plain more about the Abund­ant Earth Com­munity as an idea and how it came to be.

My name is Peace­ful War­rior. I am de­voted to spread­ing LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY in the world.
Many years ago now, I de­cided that the way to enjoy true hap­pi­ness meant shar­ing everything with oth­ers. I read many books that sug­ges­ted ideas that would later for­mu­late a spark of crea­ti­vity, and to this day I am liv­ing proof that when we create abund­ance for oth­ers, we also re­cieve that in re­sponse.
One of the most in­spir­ing books I've thus-far read was, 'Way of the Peace­ful War­rior' by Dan Mill­man. A simple story of chal­lenges, fa­cing daunt­ing odds and over­com­ing many doubts about our own abil­it­ies spurred me on to be­come the tryer that I am today. I may not yet have achieved Yogic serenity, but am much more pas­sion­ate about liv­ing as if every day is my last, and caring for the people and planet around me. There are no or­din­ary mo­ments and take out the trash two amaz­ing in­cred­ibly power­ful con­cepts that have shaped the way I go about life these days.

As my con­fid­ence grew I shared much of my ideas with other like minded folk. Their re­sponse was not to cri­ti­cise such views but hap­pily to ima­gine with me that other ways of doing things were in­deed pos­sible. They be­came a huge part of the in­spir­a­tion for the Abund­ant Earth Com­munity (A.E.C), each one of them leav­ing seeds that would later begin to grow and take root in my ef­forts to ad­vance the shar­ing as­pect of com­munit­ies. I learned so much about the co-op­er­at­ive move­ments of the past and saw just how power­ful were the ideas of col­ab­or­a­tion, caring and mu­tual sup­port. I be­came en­a­gaged with lots of pro­jects from grow­ing food, bike re­cyc­ling and re-use, com­munity co-op­er­at­ive ven­tures and even a craft café hub. I learnt about sus­tain­ab­il­ity with groups like Trans­ition Town, Green cam­paign groups, and even com­pleted a course in Per­ma­cul­ture design with Han­nah Tho­ro­good. All of these ideas be­came a huge melt­ing pot of crea­ti­vity for doing things in a new way.
A quote from the fam­ous in­ventor Richard Buck­min­ster Fuller that I hold as price­less is;

You never change things by fight­ing the ex­ist­ing real­ity. To change some­thing, create a new model that makes the ex­ist­ing model obsolete. 

(Pic­ture from files)

You may no­tice that I mis quoted the word build for create. This is be­cause I be­lieve that build­ing starts be­fore the op­er­a­tion of put­ting blocks into place. A found­a­tion is needed and in­spir­a­tion to see what the out­com might look like. 

So just like the lyr­ics of the John Len­non song Ima­gine, I saw how much bet­ter a world without suf­fer­ing might look. One not based on fear and greed but on love, com­pas­sion and shar­ing. And this is where the ideas for a co-op­er­at­ive com­munity came from. 

Now in an amaz­ing and for­tu­it­ous col­lab­or­a­tion with Hedwig Schenkel Haus, or more im­port­antly the beau­ti­ful soul be­hind that idea, Manuela Schenkel the A.E.C. comes to life once again in the com­bined pro­ject called simply; SHARE-IT.

Now if this isn't the best of ideas come to­gether, I don't know what is!

With Love, Peace and much hope.
Peace­ful Warrior.

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